Biodynamic lighting for a meditation room

rozemanlive Sat Aug 15, 2015 RA Project News

A fascinating aspect of natural light is the way it changes over the course of time, shifting gradually in colour temperature from cool to warm during the day.

Bio Dynamic White Lighting

Up until recent times, it was believed that light was only needed for seeing. However recently scientists discovered a circadian photoreceptor in the retina, that receives a specific quality and quantity of light, which sets our biological clock; light not only provides us with the ability to see, but light enters the eye via a ‘fourth pathway’, which has vital non-visual, biological effects on the human body. Studies show that a certain quantity and quality of light stimulates the biological clock, also known as the circadian rhythm, which regulates hormone levels, particularly melatonin and cortisone in the body.

light colour temperature chart

Normal lighting affects how we see our surroundings. Dynamic lighting goes one step further, affecting how we think and feel too. Seamless changes in brightness and hue or colour temperature create natural feelings of well-being. And with flexible settings, lighting can be adapted to different needs and moods and this is what we wanted to achieve in our mediation room project.

dynamic light meditation room

Views of mediation room design with dynamic white lighting in circular ceiling cove.


meditation room ceiling

Room under construction

ceiling coving 1

Ceiling mock up

ceiling coving

Ceiling mock up

Working with Tom Parker of Basis lighting we created a bespoke Bio-dynamic lighting solution with two LED light sources that replicate the dynamic variations of daylight and sunlight through a light management system by mixing the light output, creating varying balances of cool and warm illumination.


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