London Artist Studio

Artist studio in Brockley, London


The sculptor Paul de Monchaux commissioned this studio to replace an outdoor stone cutting area at the back of his garden at his home in Brockley, London.
The new studio is fitted with large sliding doors to allow blocks of stone to be moved with a mobile A frame in and out of the studio; at the same time the doors retain the quality of an open space when open.
When closed the studio provides good space to contemplate work in progress or show completed work, assisted by the even light the North orientation of the roof windows provide.
The sculpture studio is set on a 6m square footprint and is proportioned utilising the fibonacci number sequence to approximate golden section proportions of the wall planes and space enclosed.
The external walls and roof are clad in slate blue cementious board with concealed fixings and corrugated eternit panels. The floor surface is finished in power-trowelled concrete; the interior is clad in spruce plywood, painted white.


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