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rozemanlive Tue Mar 10, 2015 The Nuts + Bolts of Architecure

(image above) D Liebeskind, *architect: building in Mons Belgium There's too much talk about celebrity and celebrity-architects or starchitects: let's look at some architects and designers who speak through what they do, rather than about what they do.

• Pikionis …was commissioned by the Greek authorities to lay out a scheme of paths, steps, drainage channels and resting/viewing points - for areas leading up to the base of the Propylaea (the gateway to the Acropolis), and across to the Philopappou hill. The project was built in the period covering 1954 to 1957.

dimitris-pikionis acropolis 1

There is a topographical feel to much of Pikionis' work, similar to the view that one attains of the landscape from on top of a hill, or within a plane. The arrangement allows the paving to relate sensitively to irregular boundaries, and derives its effect from the dynamic relationship between its independent forms. It bears a quality that can be described as a genuine 'landscape' character; as opposed to orthogonal arrangements that seem more like extensions of architecture.

dimitris-pikionis acropolis 2

Upon taking up the commission, Pikionis advised his clients (the Greek authorities) that it would be a necessarily labour-intensive undertaking. Through a series of exhaustive plans and sketches, and on-site management, Pikionis carried out an enormously varied sequence of patterns, utilising his own 'language' as the unifying element.

dimitris-pikionis acropolis 3


Gerrit Rietveld… was a prolific designer, inventor and maker who understood and developed the new language of Modernism like no other.  Clapboarding with waney edges to form a house with a plan comprising a bisected donut shape, topped off with a double curved roof !…created - thought out…without contemporary parametric design software !


Gerrit Rietveld - summerhouse by the water

 Jim Ede…art collector: At Kettle’s Yard Jim carefully positioned artworks alongside furniture, glass, ceramics and natural objects, with the aim of creating a harmonic whole. His vision was of a place that should not be “an art gallery or museum, nor … simply a collection of works of art reflecting my taste or the taste of a given period. It is, rather, a continuing way of life from these last fifty years, in which stray objects, stones, glass, pictures, sculpture, in light and in space, have been used to make manifest the underlying stability.

jim ede Kettle's Yard

Everything in the house is art, and even where it is not, as in this greenhouse-like space, among plants, a lens is suspended, looking through this disc nature is transformed: a counterpoint of artifice to nature.


Stanton WilliamsNothing is overlooked or unresolved in this project, no opportunity missed and everything excuted to a high standard because nothing was missed, unresolved or overlooked.


Stanton Wiliams - Mica House


Stanton Williams - Mica House

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